Research focus IV: Digital Science

Digital Science is both philosophy about the pervasiveness, interconnectedness, and primacy of digital media and their intelligent nodes in human society - and the generation of the necessary knowledge about their technical development parameters, steps, and possibilities.

Digital Science aims to be an important reflection surface for individual, collective, social, and political decision-making, generating verified knowledge about the nature of human beings in digital space, as well as about digital space and its own laws.

Digital Science uses, not least, the method of participant observation from the social sciences; it helps shape the digital space, promotes and develops innovations, sensitizes people to decisions, and stimulates discussion about the publication of scientific findings in society as a whole (globally).

Digital Science evaluates existing ethical evaluation systems and promotes their further development, draws attention to contradictions and seeks solutions. It defines and researches terms from the digital world and strives for semantic mediation in a global context.

The core of Digital Science is digital space as a technical, social, economic, and political medium.