Mike Friedrichsen focuses in an interdisciplinary manner on the economically significant topic area of digital transformation and associated new topic and development areas. This is primarily considered under the aspect of the internationally significant development of a more complex and global way of thinking. In doing so, Mike Friedrichsen wants to constantly take into account the diverse perspectives of science and society and focus on their future issues. To this end, he strives for interdisciplinary and at the same time transdisciplinary networking. Since he is oriented towards societal problems and wants to develop concrete transformation paths, further specialist focal points may also emerge over the years.

Mike Friedrichsen's research approach is problem-oriented and requires the interaction of various disciplines, which he understands from an economic, technical, legal and social perspective - always with a digital focus. The fundamental aim of the research is to promote understanding of the effects and potential of digital developments. To this end, the scientific discourse is intended to generate insights into the fields of application of digital technologies as well as strategies or approaches to solutions for their use in the entrepreneurial and social environment.

Mike Friedrichsen's research approach is based on three substantive components (research foci, research competence centers, and international project collaborations). In determining the current research priorities, the guiding idea was, on the one hand, that the interdisciplinary nature of digital topics must be reflected in research not only through the juxtaposition of disciplines, but also, in particular, through the integration of the various disciplinary perspectives and methods in joint research projects. On the other hand, the necessary linking of research and teaching as well as the intersectoral orientation and practical orientation including ethical issues must be taken into account.

Mike Friedrichsen has currently defined four interdisciplinary research priorities for this purpose: